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Fire-Rated Vault Room Doors

Vault Room Design and Protection

A modular fireproof vault door is a specialized, highly secure door designed to be used with a fireproof modular vault. It serves as the primary access point to the vault, providing an additional layer of protection against fire, theft, and unauthorized access.

Key features and characteristics of a modular fireproof vault door include:

  • Fire-resistant materials Like the rest of the vault, the door is constructed using fire-resistant insulating materials to withstand high temperatures during a fire.
  • Fire rating The door is given a fire rating, indicating the maximum duration it can resist fire and maintain its integrity. Common fire ratings include 1-hour, 2-hour, and 4-hour options, specifying the door’s ability to withstand fire exposure for the specified time frame.
  • High-security locking mechanism Modular fireproof vault doors are equipped with robust locking systems, often featuring multiple bolts or deadbolts that engage when the door is locked. These locking mechanisms provide a high level of resistance against forced entry attempts.
  • Access control features To control access to the vault, the door may incorporate advanced access control systems, such as combination locks, electronic keypads, biometric scanners (e.g., fingerprint or iris recognition), or even card readers.
  • Reinforced construction The door is reinforced and designed to resist physical attacks, including drilling, cutting, and prying.
  • Airtight and smoke-sealed The door is designed to be airtight and smoke-sealed, preventing the passage of smoke and hot gases into the vault during a fire.
  • Compliance and certification Reputable manufacturers subject their modular fireproof vault doors to rigorous testing to validate their fire resistance and security features. Look for doors that have been certified by independent testing organizations to meet recognized industry standards.

The combination of a fireproof modular vault with a modular fireproof vault door provides a comprehensive and secure solution for safeguarding valuable assets, sensitive documents, and critical data from fire, theft, and other potential hazards. It’s important to ensure that the door’s fire rating matches that of the vault and that it meets your specific security and compliance requirements.

questions and answers

  • What if I opt for a simpler, less expensive concrete vault?
    When it comes to protecting valuables, individuals and companies may consider a safe as a portable, inexpensive option. However, a vault room provides more security (and room) than a safe for many reasons.
  • What if I want to store my media offsite?
    To further help businesses effectively manage today’s world of risk, we are proud to be associated with a network of high-tech media storage companies across the United States that offer their clients the incomparable protection of a FIRELOCK® fireproof modular vault.
  • Will your digital media last forever?
    Things like CD-ROMs, tape backups, and microfilm last only about five to eight years if they are not stored in the proper environmental conditions, and right now companies are legally obligated to keep their records for much longer than that.
  • What are the legal ramifications of improper storage?
    Legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA has attached large fines and even criminal penalties of up to 10 years in prison for failing to protect vital business documents, medical records, and digital media.
  • What are some of the risks to digital and physical media and valuables?
    It doesn’t take a catastrophic fire to destroy computer media and other valued records; fluctuations in temperature or humidity, dust particles, magnetic fields, and UV light can be just as dangerous and ultimately as devastating.
  • What procedure does a testing laboratory use to test FIRELOCK® vaults?
    The complete FIRELOCK® Fireproof Modular Vault assembly endures a grueling 5-hour test under the UL-72 ASTM-119 Time Temperature Curve. The FIRELOCK® vault greatly exceeded previously documented levels of protection.