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What Our Clients Say About FIRELOCK®

After exploring other vault designs and construction techniques, only one really stood out from the others. The FIRELOCK® vault was tested and certified to be fireproof. The design kept the structural frame inside the vault so it was protected from a catastrophic fire incident by the fireproof panels that make up the vault. Our project required an extremely complex design to protect an inventory with an estimated value to be in the hundreds of millions, and FIRELOCK® was the ideal choice for us. It provided the ability to protect priceless media archives in two chambers of 34,000 and 17,000 cubic feet of storage volume. The vaults were self-actuating in the closing of vault doors and fire dampers, and the electrical penetrations were also fire protected. To date, they have performed flawlessly as the temperature and humidity are precisely controlled, and the design maximized storage efficiency. After beginning with the two aforementioned vaults, we have since added additional vaults to protect historical documents and artwork. To us, it is the only vault to choose.
Marvin Parker
Marvin Parker
General Manager, Docusafe Records Management
Upon selecting the FIRELOCK® Vault to protect our client’s most valuable business records and computer media for our project, we carefully watched to see if everything was done to the levels that we were promised in the planning meetings. Immediately, the design engineering drawings were presented and all our questions about how the vault would protect our vault contents were resolved. Automatic closers that were smoke activated, fire and smoke dampers that closed immediately upon detection of any threat and proper environmental control. What was most unique about the FIRELOCK® Vault design was its inclusion of artificial intelligence to seal and lock away every threat to our archive. FIRELOCK® was the only vault to provide Laboratory Testing and a Label and Certification. The vault was certified against earthquakes, 185 mile per hour wind resistance and the most difficult questions about vault design were satisfied. And upon activation in the new facility, FIRELOCK® trained the staff on each and every feature and everything performed as promised in mock testing with the Fire Marshal and the Facility Team on site.
Bob Davis
Davis Design and Consulting of Texas
It is my pleasure to tell you that Gideon and Richie, just minutes ago, gave us the tutorial about our new records storage vault. As you know, this means that they are done. Speaking for everyone here at Shaker Village, including myself, we are absolutely thrilled with the work that has been done. Your design of this vault was perfect. It maximized the available space in a highly efficient manner. The structural components are ingenious and the construction technique even more so. Additionally, I wish to tell you that Gideon and Richie are among the most professional and personable crew that folks at this place can recall — and that spans a combined 70 or so years. They are incredible problem-solvers, careful and respectful workers, and enthusiastic to share the project with onlookers, yet never wasting a moment's time to keep the project and progress on track. They started early and left late each day, hardly stopping at all even to eat! We feel that we have known them a long time, and as excited as we art that the job is done, we are also saddened to see them making their preparations to leave. Hugh, please know how grateful we are to have Firelock protecting our collection, how grateful we are that you kept this project so affordable to us, and how grateful we are that Gideon and Richie worked so hard and carefully to allow us to preserve and protect the records and archives of the place's 250-year long history. We are immensely satisfied with the project. I would be very pleased to provide any reference or recommendation to other small museums that are considering improved storage for their collections.
Michael S. Graham
Director, The Sabbathday Lake Shaker Museum