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FIRELOCK® plays an important role in health networks.

From protecting genome and DNA sample sets to stability drug samples, FIRELOCK® fireproof vaults protect materials that must survive for generations.

Damage, intrusion, corruption, and theft of medical records represent a huge risk to those responsible for keeping them: doctors, hospitals, medical centers, physician practices. Digital Records held in any medium accessible through the Internet are especially vulnerable. If they’re compromised, results can be disastrous — financial losses, civil or even criminal liability, and potential direct harm to patients.

The only totally reliable way to protect medical records from all threats is to maintain master digital copies in secure storage. And with decades of experience in high-end records protection, FIRELOCK® has been safeguarding medical, clinical, and organization media for over three decades.

A FIRELOCK® secure storage vault safeguards records from fire and flood, theft and tampering, and shields against magnetic field damage. By providing ideal storage conditions, a vault can add years to records life. For example, a typical hard drive lasts 4 – 5 years in normal conditions. But if stored under proper temperature and humidity control, that lifetime can be extended from 15 to 30 years on backup tapes in an environmentally-controlled FIRELOCK® vault.

Act now to protect your medical records — and your business. A FIRELOCK® records vault provides the security that makes all the difference.