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These are articles on different topics, not case studies.


People seem fascinated by stories of hidden treasures. In my life, my occupation is to hide away people’s treasures. Back some 40 years ago my brother Terry and I began a very special vault company. Not some little safes, but room sized to massive sized vaults.


When researching towns in the Northeast, one finds that tracking history is like following a river or creek back to its source. The farther one goes back, the more the history tracks to earlier settlements and towns. This is apropos regarding Whately, because it lies on the western bank of the Connecticut River.

New Threats to Public Safety: Arson at the Police Station

Many citizens may not consider the threat recent riots pose until something occurs in their own local community.  Demonstrations devolving into riots and arson affect our society and way of life.  Local small businesses being burned out of operation is sadly becoming more widespread.  This is catastrophic to the hard working families that spend their life savings building a business.  All too often these businesses are not properly insured and will close their doors forever.  There is a greater risk to… Read More »New Threats to Public Safety: Arson at the Police Station

Who Protects the Holy Grail?

Vaults have served many purposes throughout the centuries. For example, churches in the 15th Century built vaults as part of the sacristy to protect church funds, chalices, and expensive ministerial robes, as well as church artifacts and printed documents. Illustrated manuscripts with painted illumination were part of the church’s collections. Castles also contained vaults to… Read More »Who Protects the Holy Grail?

Independently-Operated, Local Service Providers Provide Better Service Levels

FIRELOCK® president, Hugh Smith, believes in the value of enabling an independent network of service providers to operate at the local level. ARM is a member of the FIRELOCK® Affinity Network (FAN), a network established, supported and nurtured by the FIRELOCK® company. “Independent, locally-operated vault facilities can be more responsive and secure,” says Smith. “Clients… Read More »Independently-Operated, Local Service Providers Provide Better Service Levels