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Why protect data centers with FIRELOCK® vaults?

(Transcript) Let’s begin with the question, “Why protect your data center?” At the risk of sounding simplistic, it’s simply because businesses, laboratories, schools, governments, and other venues run on data. Historical societies, museums, and other repositories hold irreplaceable items that are cataloged in digital form and accessed through digital servers. Facts and figures and research notes, among other critical data, are stored on film, CDs, magnetic disks, and paper and other delicate, flammable media. These must be protected against anticipated and unanticipated disasters.

Although you may not expect a fire to start in your data center, or you believe that your sprinklers can handle any eventuality, building a data center without a fire prevention system is unthinkable.

You may be wondering, “What kind of vault do I need to protect my most valuable information? What about future recorded media requirements? Who will design the vault? Who can install it? Who will coordinate with the general contractor and others involved in the project?”

FIRELOCK® works with each client to design the vault configuration that best fits their needs. Because each vault is custom manufactured, it is possible to design and build vaults the exact size the client requires, down to a fraction of an inch. If the vault needs to go in an existing room, we can design the vault to fit the room’s exact dimensions to maximize the vault’s interior space. Or, the vault can be designed to accommodate a specific shelving layout that is planned for the space. Either way, there is no additional cost for custom-sized vaults.

FIRELOCK® vaults are a highly specialized product that must be constructed to exacting standards to have the vault certified as achieving its fire protection rating. Where do you find qualified vault installers? You don’t have to. Every vault we sell is assembled by our installation crews, so you know when it is completed the vault is done right. Our installers will meet with any other tradesmen to discuss how their finish-out work should be done to ensure they do not compromise the integrity of the vault.

FIRELOCK® provides these articles for information purposes only. We do not necessarily provide all products and services mentioned; they are for comparison purposes only. Always contact a professional about non-FIRELOCK® products and services mentioned. 


Since 1982, FIRELOCK® has been the world’s leading manufacturer of media-rated modular vault chambers. Unlike poured-in-place concrete vaults, FIRELOCK® vaults are constructed from individual panels, filled with a heat-resistant ceramic material, and they are lightweight, movable, and expandable. When combined with current high-density storage systems, FIRELOCK® vaults offer extremely high space efficiency at a considerable cost advantage per cubic foot of storage. The value of assets stored in FIRELOCK® vaults today reaches hundreds of billions of dollars and ranges from priceless animation cells and World Wrestling Entertainment videos to pharmaceutical research records and U.S. Department of Education student loan information.

With a FIRELOCK® vault, you invest in the highest-performing vault on the market today to ensure the protection of your most vital records and irreplaceable items. You gain the ability to store microfilm, computer media, file servers, and paper in one location, as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the environmental- and fire-protection elements are in place.

FIRELOCK® has been in business since 1982, and we have installed over 2000 vaults around the world. Because of this broad experience, we know how to build a vault that will provide you with maximum protection today and the flexibility to grow with you into the future.