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New Threats to Public Safety: Arson at the Police Station

Many citizens may not consider the threat recent riots pose until something occurs in their own local community.  Demonstrations devolving into riots and arson affect our society and way of life.  Local small businesses being burned out of operation is sadly becoming more widespread.  This is catastrophic to the hard working families that spend their life savings building a business.  All too often these businesses are not properly insured and will close their doors forever. 

There is a greater risk to our society by targeted attacks on our police stations and public safety offices.  Disrupting society by preventing the police department’s ability to provide evidence of wrong doing at a future trial is a growing problem. 

Arson fires in small local police stations may destroy the “Evidence Vault” that stores the evidence of crime.  Oftentimes, the rooms referred to as the “Evidence Vault” is nothing like one would imagine.  The rooms are just that, a minimally secure storage room.  The rooms are not fire protected so there is a high risk of losing paper evidence documents, digital video data, photographs and countless other evidence items stored inside the police station “vault”. 

Losing criminal activity records destroys the ability to hold an offender accountable. We read daily about criminals arrested time after time for the same unlawful activity.  Imagine being unable to prosecute violent beatings, murder, rape, and theft in our local communities due to lack of evidence from a fire.  Unfortunately, increasing crime rates are leading to decreasing quality of life for residents in many areas, so successful prosecution is essential to an improved way of life. 

Police Departments need to examine if their current model of protecting “Evidence Vaults” will be effective in our current climate of riots and arson.  Leadership in Town, City and County elected officials must reconsider how they protect the records under their control. 

FIRELOCK has been repeatedly called on to create fireproof vaults that can withstand arsons, fire bombing and riots.  A FIRELOCK Vault that can close and lock itself when attacked is invaluable because it does not need a custodian to be present to secure the vault.  Evidence in this type of vault would be safer for hours of extreme heat.  Wouldn’t it be wise to find out how the evidence and records in your local area are being protected before it’s too late?