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Multinational Fortune 500 Company

The Project
Protect vital records for data processing and the central corporate repository. The Chief Information Officer was in control of 300,000 magnetic media cartridges. The repository was also to include four large StorageTek Silos, which would allow all divisions to have online access to the record library.

A 66′ x 60′ x 10′ FIRELOCK® Modular Data Vault with Class 125 Fire Rating and magnetic shielding, which included a special environmental package to insure rigid temperature and humidity control. This vault was also constructed for Zone IV Seismic conditions, which is a standard feature on FIRELOCK® products installed in locations in the Pacific Rim.

This vault allowed the corporation to eliminate outside vendor access to their records. This was a top priority due to concerns about espionage of top-secret research information and distribution networks. By implementing this four-stage program, the necessity for disaster recovery vendors was also eliminated. The payback period on this investment was less than three years.