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Protection on-site and off-site

In some ways, it’s difficult to describe the typical FIRELOCK® client.

That’s because our client list comprises organizations of all shapes and sizes, including diverse industries ranging from hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to major financial houses and state and local government offices.

Yet, every FIRELOCK® customer does have one thing in common: each demands a great deal of accountability for their vital records and understands the need to protect this critical data, both on-site and off-site.

These savvy organizations can see the big picture and recognize that the important step they take in safeguarding their fragile media in a FIRELOCK® vault today can help secure their existence tomorrow.

Many of our large clients prefer an on-site vault for storing vital records they consider too important to trust with anyone else. Perhaps they need the records close at hand for operational reasons, or maybe there are criminal penalties related to the misuse or destruction of such materials. Many of these conscientious clients also demand a secondary tier of protection to satisfy their concerns.

A Vital Resource: The Firelock® Affinity Network

To further help businesses effectively manage today’s world of risk, we are proud to be associated with a network of high-tech media storage companies across the United States who offer their clients the incomparable protection of a FIRELOCK® fireproof modular vault.

This FIRELOCK® Affinity Network (F.A.N. Club) serves as a vital first line of defense, offering unparalleled security for valuable and fragile media. For proactive companies that already own a FIRELOCK® vault, the F.A.N. Club acts as additional assurance that on-site and off-site records are afforded the same fail-safe protection. The Network is an association of sixty off-site vault storage companies operating nationwide with uniform standards for security, privacy, and environmental protection of media records. We believe that part of our accountability to clients is to share our competencies, standards, and processes about off-site data storage management, helping clients develop strategies and operating practices that ensure enterprise-wide compliance, disaster recovery, and mission continuity.

Typically, the well-informed organizations that entrust F.A.N. Club facilities with their most critical business information are able to keep a step or two ahead of their competition because they recognize that the cost of replacing even their backup data would be devastating to the financial health and general vitality of their business.

The F.A.N. Club is continually expanding to offer maximum protection in many major U.S. cities and regions. Read more about F.A.N. here.


Since 1982, FIRELOCK® has been the world’s leading manufacturer of media-rated modular vault chambers. Unlike poured-in-place concrete vaults, FIRELOCK® vaults are constructed from individual panels, filled with a heat-resistant ceramic material, and they are lightweight, movable, and expandable. When combined with current high-density storage systems, FIRELOCK® vaults offer extremely high space efficiency at a considerable cost advantage per cubic foot of storage. The value of assets stored in FIRELOCK® vaults today reaches hundreds of billions of dollars and ranges from priceless animation cells and World Wrestling Entertainment videos to pharmaceutical research records and U.S. Department of Education student loan information.

With a FIRELOCK® vault, you invest in the highest-performing vault on the market today to ensure the protection of your most vital records and irreplaceable items. You gain the ability to store microfilm, computer mediafile servers, and paper in one location, as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the environmental- and fire-protection elements are in place.