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Independently-Operated, Local Service Providers Provide Better Service

FIRELOCK® president, Hugh Smith, believes in the value of enabling an independent network of service providers to operate at the local level. ARM is a member of the FIRELOCK® Affinity Network (FAN), a network established, supported and nurtured by the FIRELOCK® company.

“Independent, locally-operated vault facilities can be more responsive and secure,” says Smith. “Clients trust someone local to do a better job. They know that their media won’t get lost in the red tape and odd policies that big organizations sometimes force their regional teams to adopt.”

FIRELOCK® vaults are exclusively available through the independently-operated FAN companies, and can also be purchased by client organizations needing to establish a secure vault at their own facilities. “We see a trend toward the use of offsite service providers as a business practice for Electronically Stored Information (ESI). This practice, known as “e-vaulting” frequently results in the placement of servers themselves into larger vaults, also requiring the enhanced protection available with a FIRELOCK® Vault,” says Smith. “Our climate-controlled vault technology makes them ready-made to be used as server vaults at off-site disaster recovery centers, and also as part of data center facilities to help avoid disasters from happening.”