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Smoke-and-Heat-Activated Hydraulic Door Closer

What is a modular fireproof vault door?

The combination of a fireproof modular vault with a modular fireproof vault door provides a comprehensive and secure safeguard for valuable assets, sensitive documents, and critical data from fire, theft, and other potential hazards.


What makes a modular vault fireproof?

A modular vault is fireproof due to using fire-resistant materials and design features that enable it to withstand high temperatures and protect its contents during a fire. Here are key elements that make a modular vault fireproof.

Modular Server Vaulting

What is the cost of a fireproof modular vault?

A fireproof modular vault can be a valuable investment for businesses and individuals who need to protect valuable assets, sensitive information, or critical records from fire and theft. Weigh the potential benefits and costs specific to your situation before making a decision.