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How Do I Find the Rating of a Fire-Rated Door?

Class 125 Four-Hour Rated Vault Door

You can determine the fire resistance rating for a fire-rated door by looking at its labeling, documentation, and the information provided by the manufacturer. Here’s how you can find out the rating for a fire-rated door.

  • Labeling on the door Fire-rated doors typically have a label or tag affixed to them that provides information about their fire resistance rating. The label should be visible on the door itself, often on the hinge edge or other easily accessible location. The label will include important details such as the fire resistance rating in minutes (e.g., 20 minutes, 60 minutes), manufacturer information, and other relevant data.
  • Product documentation The manufacturer should provide documentation that includes details about the fire resistance rating of the door. This information might be included in the product manual, datasheets, or other technical documents that come with the door.
  • Certification information Reputable fire-rated door manufacturers have their products tested and certified by recognized testing laboratories or certification bodies. You can inquire with the manufacturer to obtain certification documents that verify the fire resistance rating.
  • Manufacturer’s website Some manufacturers provide product information, including fire resistance ratings, on their websites. You might be able to search for the specific model of the door to find details about its rating.
  • Consult professionals If you’re unsure about how to interpret the labeling or documentation, it’s a good idea to consult with professionals like FIRELOCK® in the Lehigh Valley, who have expertise in fire protection and building codes. Fire safety consultants, architects, engineers, and building inspectors can help verify the fire resistance rating of a door.

When looking for the fire resistance rating, keep in mind that the rating indicates the amount of time the door can withstand exposure to fire and still maintain its structural integrity. The rating is usually given in minutes or hours (e.g., 45 minutes, 2 hours) and reflects the door’s performance under controlled fire testing conditions.

Ensuring that you have accurate information about the fire resistance rating of a door is crucial for maintaining the safety and compliance of your building. Always rely on official labeling, documentation, and reputable sources when verifying the rating of a fire-rated door.

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