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Trumble County Memorial Hospital

Protect vital medical records for their patients, data processing records for the Chief Information Officer and documents required by the JCAHO.

FIRELOCK® Modular Data Vault with Class 125 Fire Rating and magnetic shielding installed adjacent to medical records and the Oncology Department.

Due to new requirements by the JCAHO, hospitals and medical clinics are required to protect vital records from destruction and tampering, ensure confidentiality and restrict access. Due to the stringent audit procedures performed by the JCAHO and its representatives, hospitals are mandated to provide absolute protection for their records.

It is critical that medical organizations insure confidentiality as disclosure of records can result in cancelled health insurance and life insurance. In some cases, banks have refused loans to clients who suffer from cancer, heart disease or AIDS. This medical redlining would reflect negatively on the health organization for negligently allowing disclosure.

Vaulted patient records are unavailable to hackers and saboteurs who prey on the medical industry, and insure against the records being destroyed in a catastrophic fire.